Everbuild - Everflex 125 One Hour Decorators Caulk, C3
Everflex 125 One Hour Caulk is a fast drying flexible decorators filler and sealant that remains permanently flexible.Can be overpainted with most paint types or covered over with wallpaper; no sanding down required.NoteDo not apply 125 One Hour Caulk at...
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Everbuild 825 Tecnic Silicone
Everbuild Tecnic Silicone 825 is a low modulus, neutral curing Silicone sealant based on an filled alkoxy curing system.Specially formulated to provide extra tool down time on longer joints.Conforms to ISO11600 class F25LM and G25LM when tested to ISO11600.Typically used...
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Everbuild Timber and Laminate sealant
Timber & Laminate Sealant is a polymer rich, permanently flexible sealant and gap filler designed for sealing around laminate flooring, fitted furniture and kitchen worktops. Formulated using high clarity lightfast colour pigments, the 4 colour range offers a near or...
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EVERBUILD 200 LMA SILICONE SEALANT BLACK 295ML Contractors, Contract Grade
Silicone 200 Contractors is a cost effective acetoxy cure sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. This product contains an anti-fungal compound to prevent mould growth in areas of high humidity. SILICONE 200 is mid to low modulus...
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Everbuild 201 5 Litre Mortar Admix Plasticiser
Mortar Admix is an air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in the mix to provide an easy to work “butter like” consistency to the mortar and to prevent shrinkage, cracking and crazing during the setting process. For use in brick...
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Everbuild 202 5 Litre Integral Liquid Waterproofer Additive
Integral Liquid Waterproofer is a liquid additive that provides long term water protection to mortar, concrete and rendering. Reduces water permeability and is suitable for all applications where resistance to water absorption is necessary such as pool and tank linings,...
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Everbuild 203 5 Litre Accelerator & Frostproofer Liquid Additive Mortar Concrete
Accelerator & Frostproofer is a liquid additive formulated to accelerate setting and hardening times of mortar, concretes, screeds and rendering to provide frost protection during the setting period. Effective even in sub-zero temperatures and can also be used in normal...
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Everbuild 204 5 Litre Evermix 3 in 1 Triple Action Admix
Evermix 3 in 1 triple action admixture waterproofs, plasticises and retards to assist workability, reduce water penetration and allow larger areas to be covered in one application. Evermix 3 in 1 is particularly formulated for use in renders, dry dash...
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Everbuild 207 5 Litre Zeromix CFF Frostproofer and Mortar Admixture
Zeromix CFF is a double action frostproofer and air entraining mortar admixture for use throughout the winter period. Improves workability of mortar and increases resistance to frost in both wet and hardened state. Chloride free, can be used with steel...
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Everbuild 208 - 1kg Mortar Tone Cement Pigment Dye Colour
208 Powder Mortar Tone is formulated from high quality oxide pigments for permanently colouring all types of mortars, rendering, concrete and pointing. The pigments disperse easily into the mix to give a uniform shade for each mix batch; dose can...
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Everbuild 250ML P16 Plumbers PVC Pipe Cement
P16 PVC Pipe Cement is a non-drip, thixotropic solvent based pipe cement for use with non-pressure PVC and ABS thermoplastic pipes and conduits. P16 PVC Pipe Cement combines a long open time with a rapid rate of bond strength development....
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Everbuild 300ml Cartridge KOS Fire Cement Buff High Temp upto 1250 Degrees
KOS FIRE CEMENT is a ready mixed blend of thermo setting resins and inorganic fillers that cures when exposed to heat, resulting in a mortar which is resistant to temperatures up to 1250˚C. Can be used for domestic and commercial...
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Everbuild 300ml Cartridge KOS Flue Cement High Temp upto 1250 Degrees
KOS FLUE CEMENT is a high temperature (to 1250°C) ready mixed fireproof mortar paste , designed for the safe installation/jointing of Type A1 (BSEN1857) concrete flue liners (previously known as class 1) for use with domestic fires and stoves e.g....
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Everbuild 400ml Silicone Spray Lubricant
All Purpose Silicone Spray is a dry silicone lubricant and mould release agent for the easing of friction between two surfaces. Ideal for use in mould making/release industries, to ease installation of rubber and EPDM gaskets to window and door...
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Everbuild 407 5 Litre Double Strength Mortar Stain Remover
Mortar Stain Remover is a highly concentrated fast acting acid based formula (18% strength) which dissolves mortar and cement stains, ingrained dirt and most paints on mineral surfaces such as brick, render and concrete. Clean up after use with cold...
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Everbuild 450 GREY Builders Premium Silicone Sealant Premium
Everflex Premium+ 450 Builders Silicone is a premium quality low modulus non-corrosive neutral cure silicone sealant that adheres to virtually all substrates, both porous and non-porous. Typically used for construction expansion joints and perimeter pointing of all types of door...
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