Soudal 900ml Ready mixed Mortar Cement
Soudal Repair Express Cement Acrylic sealant with granular structure like cement. High speed acrylic polymer based, textured repair cement.For easy and quick reparation or filling of joints and cracks in concrete.Can be applied by trowel or gun. sandable and over-paintable once...
from £5.51
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Soudal Parquet & Timber Laminate Hardwood Floor Sealant
Parquet SealantAcrylic parquet sealantHigh quality water based acrylic polymer. Flexible joint sealant for the sealing joints in parquet or laminate floors. Colour range matched to various wood types. Excellent adhesion onto porous substrates, virtually odourless and free of solvents. Can...
from £2.27
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Soudal 1 Litre Non Smear Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Soudal Mirror & Glass Cleaner Alcohol based cleaner for the cleaning of different types of glass and mirrors. Fast drying, non-smear formular. Foil safe. Applications:Cleaning all glass surfaces especially in window industry. Suitable for use on mirrors. Features:Alcohol basedFast acting...
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Soudal 1 Litre Solvent PVCu Frame Cleaner
Soudal PVCu Cream Cleaner Solvent free, cream cleaner for a sparkling finish on PVCu and other materials.Removes ingrained dirt. Can be buffed to a deep and attractive sheen. Applications:The cleaner restores the original sheen to PVC window and door frames,...
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Soudal 100ml Silicone Sealant Remover
Soudal Silicone Remover Efficient means to quickly remove cured silicone and MS polymer residue. Applications:Removal of old silicone residue, spilled silicone or spilled MS polymers from different kinds of surfaces.Features: Fast Working Does not dripSpecifically for silicones and MS polymersComes with brush...
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Soudal 4KG Fix ALL FLOOR & WALL trowellable SMX� sealant/adhesive
Soudal Fix All Floor and Wall is amulti-purpose high specification, trowel applied adhesive for bonding virtually anysubstrates and materials. Ready to use, high quality flexible adhesivewith high initial grab. Based on SMX Polymer Technology, Fix ALL Floor& Wall is a...
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Soudal 500ml Genius Gun Expanding Foam B3 PU Polyurethane
Gap Filling & Exp. Foam Genius - 500mlAll purpose, hand held gap filling expanding PU Foam with patented "Genius Gun" application system. Re-usable up to 6 weeks, the Genius Gun applicator enables high precision, single handed use. Ideally suited for...
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Soudal 600ml Soudafoam Genius Gun Expanding Foam
Soudafoam Gap Filler GeniusPOLYURETHANE expanding foam filler. Gap filling formulation with high 3D expansion. Easy to use, one component. Rapid curing. Excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials. Genius Gun® is a patented trigger mechanism,...
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Soudal Expanding Foam Gap Filler Combi-Box gun 6 x Foam & Cleaner
Filler, applicator and cleaner, in one box!Gap filling bundle with rapid curing polyurethane expanding foam, professional PU applicator gun, and foam gun cleaner; everything needed for quick and easy bonding and sealing. Soudafoam Gap Filler PU polyurethane foam, which can...
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Soudal Fix All Flexi Strong Polymer Sealant & Adhesive
Hybrid polymer sealant adhesiveMulti use sealant, adhesive and filler with high flexibility. Can be applied in all weather conditions. Internal and external use. Primerless adhesion on most construction materials, including wet and damp surfaces. Contains XS1 fungicides providing ultimate mould...
from £4.07
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Soudal Fix All High Tack Super Strong Hybrid Polymer Sealant Adhesive SMX
Fix ALL High Tack Hybrid polymer sealant adhesive Super strong sealant-adhesive with high initial tack (320kg/10cm²). Based on SMX Polymer Technology, High Tack achieves high performance flexible bonding and sealing of all types of materials onto almost any surface, both...
from £4.70
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Soudal Fix All Turbo Silicone Sealant & Adhesive
Soudal Fix All Turbo Super fast curing adhesive with exceptional final bond strength.Based on SMX Polymer Technology, Turbo has rapid strength build-up after 20 minutes.Final bond strength achieved in 3 hours.For all types of bonding applications, onto all types of...
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Soudal Multi Purpose Mould Resistant Silicone Sealant
Trade Multi-Purpose SiliconeAcetoxy silicone sealant that cures to form a flexible, durable weathertight seal on many common building surfaces, including glass, metals, wood and ceramic tiles. Contains a fungicide that resists mould growth. Suitable for interior and exterior use. Features...
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Soudal Repair Express Cement Gap and Crack Filler Mortar
Soudal Express Repair Cement Cement Repair Express is a high quality filler with granular structure for easy and shrink free repairing of cracks and joints in concrete. Features:Very good adhesion to many mineral surfaces in indoor and outdoor applications.Very fast...
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Soudal Sealant Remover 400ml Hardened Silicone MS Polymer
Soudal Sealant Remover Ready to use and fast-working spray for the removal of cured silicone and hybrid polymers. 400ml aerosol can. Featured propertiesFast-workingDoes not dripSpecifically for silicones and MS polymersSpray action ApplicationsRemoval of old silicone residue, spilled silicone or spilled...
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SOUDAL SILIRUB BLACK Low Modulous Neutral Cure silicone sealant - 120349
Silirub LMN is a high-quality neutral, elastical one-component joint sealant based on silicones.CharacteristicsVery easy applicationPermanent colour, UV-resistantStays elastic after curing - Available in a wide range of coloursVery good adhesion on many materialsLow modulusApplicationsBuilding and construction jointsTopsealing at glazing jobsJoints...
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