4.5m x 100m Yuzet Geotextile Membrane


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Geotextile woven fabrics are designed for use in a multitude of civil engineering projects including roadworks, drainage systems and erosion control.

Reinforces areas of weak subsoil and distribute the load over a wider area

Provides the means to maintain the separation of subgrade from clean base aggregate

To filter water passing through the ground without losing any excess of fine subsoil

To improve the performance of drainage systems and in many instances reduce the need to use graded aggregates

Reinforcement of paved areas: runways, driveways and recreational areas.


Housing or industrial park developments, storage areas, forestry work areas agricultural areas, landfill sites. The use of Geotextile in the road building process can considerably increase its quality and lifespan.


The use of Geotextile fabric can reduce the cost of land drains and road drainage systems. Using Geotextile fabrics as a filter, medium and large granular material can be used without fines in trench drains. This could reduce the trench dimensions and eliminate the need for extra installations such as carrier pipes and manholes.

Landfill Separation:

Using Geotextile fabrics to separate different quality fill can allow permeable and non permeable layers. This prevents vertical flow of unwanted leachate and allows natural horizontal drainage.

Erosion control:

River embankments, canals, beaches and harbour areas.

Tensile Strength – MD EN ISO 10319 kN/m 17
Tensile Strength – XD EN ISO 10319 Kn/m 11
Elongation at break – MD EN ISO 10319 % 18
Elongation at break – XD EN ISO 10319 % 14
CBR Puncture Resistance EN ISO 12236 N 1500
Water-flow normal to the plane EN ISO 11058 l/m2.s 15
Characteristic Opening (pore) size EN ISO 12956 ?m 240
Physical Properties Test Units FASTRACK SG 609
Thickness under 2 kPa EN 964/1 mm 0.40
Weight EN 965 g/m2 78
Roll Size m 4.5 x 100

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