Klima Electric Under Floor Heating Mat with Thermostat 150w/m2 Under Tile

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The Underfloor Heating mat system has a self-adhesive backing and is designed to be laid directly on an insulated concrete floor or Thermal board. The system can be laid onto a prepared plywood floor with either a 1-2mm bed of adhesive being applied first to the ply subfloor or a Thermal board being placed over the plywood floor, secured with supplied fixings.

The Klima Underfloor Heating Mat is a heating system designed for under a tile or similar floor finish. The mat is only 4 mm thick and can either be laid into a layer of flexible tile adhesive or a compatible self leveller. The heating cable is fixed evenly over the fibreglass mesh (inter-loop distance approx. 7cm) and has a standard capacity of 150 W/m2.

The Mat is fully earthed sheathed and is suitable for wet areas when used in conjunction with a dedicated RCD.

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