Yuzet Debris Scaffold Netting

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Yuzet Scaffold or Debris Netting consists of a fine vertical mesh made from UV-stabilised polyethylene monofilaments. Our nets weigh 70gsm and come with eyelets at the top and bottom to allow easy installation. Yuzet Debris netting is available in widths of 1m, 2m or 3m widths and the wider nets also have a row of eyelets in the middle.

This type of netting is mainly used on scaffolding system to contain rubbish or debris and prevent objects falling outside the working. It is a key component on most construction sites and a great and affordable alternative to scaffold sheeting creating protection for workers, traffic, property and general public.

Yuzet Debris also suitable for use as garden netting and in allotments. They protect plants, crops or vegetation as they offer some shelter from wind, rain, sun and insects.

Yuzet nets can also be used as crowd barriers at events for example at concerts or football games.