Yuzet Windbreak & Shade Netting

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Yuzet Knitted Windbreak Mesh is strong and extremely durable. Manufactured from HDPE plastic monofilaments, the material is UV-stabilised and rot proof to guarantee a long life – even when continuously exposed to the elements. At a weight of 110gsm it reduces wind by up to 50% and is suitable as a heavy-duty agricultural windbreak netting to provide immediate protection for plants and crops from wind, rain and snow. When used in gardens and allotments, this garden netting is ideal for protecting crops, field crops or nursery stock. It equally offers sun protection in warmer climates and also makes a great greenhouse shade netting. It is perfect for the protection and screening of livestock and animals.

How to use:
Yuzet windbreak netting comes with knitted eyelets along the top and bottom of every roll. It can be easily fixed to timber posts, cladding or other systems to create a very strong windbreak. When used as windbreak netting, ensure the netting is fixed to posts facing the prevailing wind. When used to cover plants and flower beds, ensure the netting is securely fixed to the ground with pegs.