Soppec 500ml Tempo TP Temporary Short Term Marking Paint
TEMPO TP is a temporary marking paint that is used for short term marking (2-8 weeks). This Chalk-based product is erasable under mechanically means (water spray, low pressure cleaner, brushes). This easily allows its use on classified or protected areas,...
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Soppec 750ml Promarker Marking Survey Paint
Soppec Promarker 750ml Soppec Promarker can be used for many different marking/identification purposes: roads and highways,road signage, earthworks, pipework, building works and electrical installations. With excellent covering power it masks other markings easily and effectively. Easy and safe to use,...
from £2.96
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Soppec 500ml Fluorescent FLUO TP Temporary Marking Spray
FLUO TP marking spray paint is the most visible and the most fluorescent marker on the market. It is particularly popular with surveyors for identification marking and setting-out, but is also used for all general civil engineering works : highways,...
from £3.14
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Soppec 500ml Fluorescent Forestry Marking Spray Paint
FLUO MARKER spray paint.Benchmark for professionals in the wood sector, the tree marking neon spray paint (6-12months) in the SYLVAMARK range is ideal for many uses: Short- and medium-term tree marking for felling, marking for thinning, boundaries of temporary stands,...
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Soppec 18000 - 500 ml Reflect Light - Light reflective Spray Paint
REFLECT LIGHT: a light reflective varnish in aerosol spray format. This light-reflecting coating is highly effective in the dark. It can be used for a wide range of different uses to create an effect similar to that of road signs:...
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Soppec 18100 - 500ml Photo light Photoluminescent Spray Glow in the dark paint
PHOTO LIGHT is a glow in the dark spray paint that uses photoluminescent properties (restoration of light in darkness after exposure to natural or artificial light) for all types of signalling/marking in darkness, both inside and out. Safety, event or...
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Soppec Permanent Acrylic Paint Marker Pens Wood Metal Plastic Iron Cardboard
Soppec Paint Marker Pens Paint Marker Pens are made with white enamelled extruded aluminum body. Paint valve pen is a high quality and efficient paint.   Nylon tip and tip cap (color similar to color of the paint). Sponge in expanded polyurethane. ...
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Everbuild Surveyline 700ml Semi-Permanent Survey Paint
A spray applied marking paint for contractors/surveyors spot marking. Colour coded for electric, gas, water and cable company use. Semi permanent formula lasts at least 3 months after application. Survey Line is available in seven different colours: White (General Marker),...
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Prosolve - 750ml Temporary Marking Paint
Prosolve Blue Temporry Line Marker Paint Temporary linemarker can be used on most suraces where a temporary mark is required.  The product is useful for indicating areas of excavation, construction work and accident scene marking.  The flexible spray pattern ensures...
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Ambersil Acrylic Paint Marker Pen 3mm Fibre Nib
Ambersil Acrylic Paint Marker Pens Can be used for metal working/fabrication, electrical installations, civil engineering, steel stock identification, batch number marking and more.Tenacious resin binds paint to the surface effectively eliminating the problems associated with accidental rub off and abrasionCan...
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