SVITOL SMART ORIGINAL 500ML SVI6751 - Multi Purpose Lubricant Cleaner De-Greaser
PENETRATES AND LOOSENS - Screws, nuts and bolts are often difficult to reach and they are usually rusty and very hard to unscrew because you haven’t touched them for years. To make the operation easy, simply spray Svitol and let...
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Action Can SUPT-1947 -500ml Supertrol Anti Rust Spray
Action Can Supertrol Anti-Rust Fluid Supertrol is a heavy-duty anti-rust fluid that displaces atmospheric and surface moisture on contact. Powerful, penetrating performance, coating the surface thoroughly giving even coverage and long-term prevention against rust whatever the conditions. Supertrol is a...
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Ambersil 31629 - 200ml Label & Adhesive Remover
SELF-ADHESIVE LABEL AND STICKER REMOVER An optimum blend of solvent and citrus active ingredients which will penetrate paper labels rapidly to soften the adhesive. • Reduces the need for scraping and the potential damage that may cause • Improves packaging...
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Ambersil 31592 - 400ml Amberclens Aerosol Anti-Static Foaming Cleaner
ANTI-STATIC FOAMING CLEANER Use to remove general grime and soiling on all surfaces. Particularly effective as a post-maintenance cleaner for removing finger marks and oil residues. Anti-Static formulation inhibits dust attraction. • Removes light oils, finger marks, and general grime...
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Prosolve PVASAN - 125ml Hand & Surface Sanitiser Spray
A simple way to kill germs, bacteria and viruses like Coronavirus etc. Disinfects easily with no mess. Our Expert Says “This product cleans and disinfects hands and surfaces with a simple spray, no mess. Leaves long-lasting protection in a hand...
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Ambersil 31553 - 400ml Amberklene FE10 Fast Drying Multi-Purpose Solvent Degreaser
FAST DRYING SOLVENT DEGREASER Use for the general degreasing of machinery including chains, gears, bearings, drives, motors, and more. • Powerful flushing action rapidly dissolves and removes contaminants • Safe for use on all metals and most plastics • Zero...
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Ambersil 31569 - 400ml Isopropyl 95% Alcohol Cleaning Solvent IPA
ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANING SOLVENT A gentle yet highly effective alcohol based cleaner for use on optical devices, switches, PCB’s and on general electronics. • Excellent materials compatibility: safe for use on plastics, rubber, composites, metal and painted surfaces • Conforms...
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Ambersil 30254 - 200ml Label & Adhesive Remover FOOD SAFE FG NSF K3
FOOD GRADE LABEL & ADHESIVE REMOVER Use for the removal of packaging and transport labels from shipping containers, plastic boxes, and bulk storage (intermediate) drums. • NSF K3 registered (No.140259) • An optimum blend of solvent and citrus active ingredients...
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Ambersil 31588 - 400ml Electrical Contact Cleaner FG Food Grade NSF K2 Registered
Ambersil Contact Cleaner Food Grade Designed for electrical component maintenance in the food industry, particularly for on-line production electrics and similar delicate equipment.NSF K2 Registered (No.139627)Use to remove grime and contamination from PCB’s and electronicsReduces voltage drop due to contaminationNon-corrosive...
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Ambersil 31560 - 400ml PCB Cleaner Aerosol Spray Electronic Cleaning Solvent
ELECTRONICS CLEANING SOLVENT Removes light soiling from PCB’s in a wide range of electrical and electronic equipment. • Exhibits enhanced solvency power over a standard contact cleaner for removal of light contamination accumulation from PCB boards and other electronic components....
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Ambersil 31632 -400ml Pool & Snooker Baize Cloth Cleaner
BAIZE CLOTH CLEANER Speciality cleaner for pool table and snooker table cloth cleaning. Effectively removes chalk residues. Formulated to remove chalk marks and other light contamination from tablecloths.
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Action Can SC-90 - 500ml Stainless Steel Cleaner Solvent Free Food Industry Standard
Action Can Stainless Steel Cleaner  - Food Grade SC-90 a 3-in-1 Foaming Stainless Steel Cleaner – Cleans, Protects and Polishes It is a white foam specifically formulated for cleaning stainless steel and bright metals, that lifts invisible grime, polishes, and...
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Action Can TF-90 - 500ml Fast Drying Solvent Degreaser Sprayl
Action Can Cleaning Solvent TF-90 is a powerful degreaser that removes oils, greases, waxes and lubricants from metal, most plastics and composites, leaving surfaces clean, dry and residue-free. Ideal for preparing metal surfaces prior to painting, bonding or sealing. Removes...
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