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Action Can Cleaning Solvent

TF-90 is a powerful degreaser that removes oils, greases, waxes and lubricants from metal, most plastics and composites, leaving surfaces clean, dry and residue-free.

Ideal for preparing metal surfaces prior to painting, bonding or sealing.

Removes lubricants and anti-corrosion coatings and can be used as a tool or die cleaner.

Suitable for use as a general cleaner and degreaser before and after repair/general maintenance.

Key Features:

Degreases metal surfaces, bearings and chains quickly and effectively
Rapid evaporation with zero residue
Removes oils, greases, waxes and cutting lubricants
Ideal pre-painting, bonding and sealing cleaner
Good materials compatibility
Ideal for degreasing metal surfaces in preparation for painting and for removing welders anti-spatter and cutting lubricants

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