Soudal 1 Litre Non Smear Glass & Mirror Cleaner
Soudal Mirror & Glass Cleaner Alcohol based cleaner for the cleaning of different types of glass and mirrors. Fast drying, non-smear formular. Foil safe. Applications:Cleaning all glass surfaces especially in window industry. Suitable for use on mirrors. Features:Alcohol basedFast acting...
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Soudal 1 Litre Solvent PVCu Frame Cleaner
Soudal PVCu Cream Cleaner Solvent free, cream cleaner for a sparkling finish on PVCu and other materials.Removes ingrained dirt. Can be buffed to a deep and attractive sheen. Applications:The cleaner restores the original sheen to PVC window and door frames,...
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Brillo 5L Kitchen Cleaner and Degreaser cupboards floors walls equipment
Brillo® Cleaner & Degreaser dissolves grease and grime from surfaces including walls, floors, equipment, utensils and other washable surfaces found in kitchens. Non-tainting concentrate heavy duty degreaser.
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Duck 750ml deep action Toilet Cleaner Limescale Stain Remover
Duck® Deep Action Gel Marine sanitises your toilet, killing 99.99% of bacteria. Its uniquely shaped neck allows you better reach vs other toilet bowl cleaners, leaving your toilet clean with a fresh, long-lasting fragrance.
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Glade Air freshener Room Spray Office Home 500ml
Glade® Pacific Breeze is an exclusive Professional fragrance that provides the serenity of a sea bath with a combination scent of green leaves and citrus. Fights the toughest odours and freshens the air.
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Mr Muscle Washroom Cleaner 750ml Trigger spray Bath Sink shower bathroom
Cleans disinfects and deodorises all washroom surfaces without rinsing. Effortly removes soap scum and dirt on all washroom surfaces including taps tiles baths and basins. Kills all common washroom germs to leave surfaces hygienically clean.Size: 750ml
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Mr Muscle Window and Glass Cleaner 750ml Trigger spray Professional
Cleans glass without smearing. It effortlessly cuts through grease, finger marks, tobacco film and general dirt, leaving a sparkling finish and a fresh clean fragrance. Perfect for cleaning windows mirrors chrome and stainless steel
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Mr Muscle Multi Surface Cleaner 750ml Trigger spray Genuine Product
Mr Muscle Multi Surface Cleaner allows you to effortlessly clean and remove grime build up with the added benefit of killing germs at the same time, this chemical will also leave your surfaces with a streak free shine!!
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5 Litres Brillo Washing Up Liquid Formulated for Professional Kitchens
Brillo® Washing-Up Liquid contains a concentrated blend of high active grease cutting ingredients that leaves tableware clean and smear free. Specially formulated for use in professional kitchens.
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pack of 20 Brillo Multi Use Steel Wool Soap Pads Cleans to a Brilliant Shine
Brillo® Steel Soap Pads cut through grease and grime and clean to a brilliant shine. Large fine steel wool pads ideal for tough jobs
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Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner Spray 300ml Grill BBQ Grease Grime
Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner allows you to tackle any tough grease and grime accumulations within an oven to leave a clean surface. Simply spray on the internal surfaces and allow the foam to loosen any grease and build-up. The self-scouring...
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Mr Muscle Max Gel Unblocker Bathroom & Kitchen Drain Plughole Sink Bath
Clears tough clogs and fully blocked sinks fast and effectively. Powers straight to the blockage, even through standing water. Safe for all pipes and septic tanks
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Glade Clean Linen Gel Air Freshener - Home Office Any Room Fragrance
Glade® Clean Linen is a perfumed gel, sealed into a subtle container and provides continuous fragrancing for up to a month.
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Everbuild 5 Litre Tarmac Restorer, Restores Tarmac To A Deep Black Finish
Tarmac Restorer is a new high-performance surface coating specially formulated to make tired old tarmac look just like new. Tarmac Restorer provides a tough, durable low sheen finish that protects from weathering, oil and petrol spills and unsightly plant and...
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Ambersil 31716 - 5 Litre Isopropyl 95% Alcohol Cleaning Solvent IPA
ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL CLEANING SOLVENT A gentle yet highly effective alcohol based cleaner for use on optical devices, switches, PCB’s and on general electronics. • Excellent materials compatibility: safe for use on plastics, rubber, composites, metal and painted surfaces • Conforms...
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